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lundi 11 janvier 2010

Paulo Schroeber / Astafix : "The Havoc Clutch" (End Ever)

Wally - guitare et chant
Ayka - basse ete chant
Paulo - guitare lead
Daga - batterie

  • Participation : Shark Zero (Chipset Zero)

  • Paroles :

Concrete strife
Concrete strife
Ceaseless surging streets of anger
Blaring frenzied structures pain

Unyielding downfall dredged in stone
Cruelties burdens, The Havoc clutch

The Roar
Encroaching panic syndrome
The soul
Of havoc clutch lives always

Decrepit structures looming overhead
Their guarding
The fight, the meeks ascent

Concrete strife
Concrete strife

Forever daunting failures
Enduring the test of time
Endless blazing cages fury
Ruthless pounding cyclones rage

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